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Once we have received your information, a member from Your Career House will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Depending on the service requested your request will be completed within 3-5 business days and prepayment is required immediately.

Ongoing consultation is provide with all of our services, we are here to assist you from when you commence looking for a role to when you commence employment. We like to ensure that you feel confident and supported during this time and are happy to assist you during this process.

Please note all services are provided by phone/email. If a face to face appointment is required an additional charge of $50.00 per hour is applicable.

If there isn’t a package that caters to your requirements please contact us so we can tailor something for you.

 Services available are described below:



** All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars**



Your CV is the key to whether you will progress to an initial interview or not. Most people simply add their current role to their resume without checking the previous role content and whether you are presenting your skills the best way.
At Your Career House we have an unbiased approach and know what hiring managers and recruitment consultants are looking for. We will consult with you to ensure your resume reflects your experience in the right manner.
With a combination of over 14 years’ experience in the recruitment industry you know you can trust Your Career House to present your resume professionally to improve your chances of securing your next role.


Your cover letter is effective in showing your understanding of a role whilst highlighting the relevance of your skills and experience. An ability to be creative in your communication can open doors where a standalone resume cannot.
We will write you an effective cover letter that is personalised to your skills, experience and the requirements of the role, maximising your ability to stand out and secure that interview.


Your online presence plays a vital part in securing a new role. Having an up to date, accurate, professional LinkedIn profile will increase opportunities presented to you. It provides a great online platform to market your skills and experience whilst allowing you to engage with others in your industry. Talent Advisers at Your Career House have extensive experience using social media for recruiting staff and have been trained by LinkedIn to utilise their site.


So you’ve updated your CV, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and secured an interview for your dream job. What happens if you haven’t interviewed for some years? Are you confident that you can portray yourself professionally to the hiring manager? Are you feeling a bit ‘rusty’?
At Your Career House we have recruited for a variety of roles with salary ranges of between $40,000 – $350,000 and we can provide professional advice to assist you to feel more comfortable when attending and representing yourself at the interview.
We will personalise behavioural questions to give you an indication of what you may be asked at the interview to allow you to prepare yourself better. Mock interviews (face to face) are available to job seekers who require a little extra help


Not sure what the next steps are in your career? Are you looking for a career change? With over 14 years of experience we can assist with career advice, interview preparation and study options. This service will focus on your character, your credentials, your strengths and your potential. Improving your self-confidence


Are you a hiring manager and unsure how to interview or are you looking for some tips for how to effectively hire staff to ensure you hire the right person who will meet your business and cultural requirements? Your Career House offers you the opportunity to improve your techniques as the interviewer by providing a structured interview guide with interview techniques, questions and ideal responses.